I Love Science

Science    I love Science!!           Scientist

I was raised by a neuroscientist and have friends who work as wildlife biologists, environmentalists, scientific researchers, chemists, and herbalists. Science is so amazing to me because it takes so many forms and impacts our lives in so many ways.

From making transportation safer (thanks dad!), to protecting endangered species, to helping us live in a healthier environment, to creating medicines and using natural herbs to help us fight disease and illness; science is key.

Because of science, my mom is now cancer free. Because of science, a wounded warrior has a prosthetic leg that allows him to walk again. Because of science, I know how to naturally manage and reduce the occurrence of my migraines.

I love science because it doesn’t just help us understand our past; it helps us make the most of our future. I love science because it helps me explain why and how certain herbs, essential oils, vitamins, foods, etc. help with particular issues. I love science because it helps me make better choices and decisions in life. I love science because it gives me hope for the future.

So thank you. Thank you to all the scientists out there…whether you’re trained as one or not. Thank you for asking questions, for doing the research, for caring enough to figure out how things work and how to make things better. Thank you to the scientists who are working to protect our earth; its plants, animals, and people. Because it matters. Because without science, we wouldn’t make it another 100 years. Without science, who would want to?