Holiday Gift Bags

Give the gift of health for the holidays!  All items, including the bags, are handmade with love and care.

Revitalize: When you need a pick-me-up…a little extra boost…


Comes with 8oz fire cider tonic, 2oz revitalizing tincture, 1oz all purpose calendula salve, 1 balancing and energizing essential oil inhaler, and 2oz restorative loose tea (tea can be bagged on request for a small fee). $35

Restore: When you need to unwind…de-stress…relax…


Comes with 12oz soothing herbal bath salt blend with muslin bag (to keep those petals from lining the tub and heading down the drain), 2oz lavender room spray, 2oz restorative tincture, 1 calming essential oil inhaler, and 2oz of stress relief loose tea (tea can be bagged on request for a small fee). $40

Immunity Plus: When you need to stay strong…healthy…invincible!


Comes with 16oz fire cider in reusable grolsch bottle, 16oz preventative elderberry-astragalus syrup, 4oz tin of immune boosting pastilles, 2oz antibiotic salve (think natural Neosporin), 2oz hand sanitizer enriched with aloe and a germ fighting blend of essential oils, and an essential oil inhaler blended for headaches. $50

See some things you’d like from each bag and want to create your own? No problem!  Just let me know what you’d like to put together and we’ll make it happen 🙂

Happy, Healthy Holidays!