Time is a funny thing…


We spend time and waste time, time stops, drags, flies, and stands still. We have all the time in the world, and no time at all.

We often wonder…where does the time go???  Life seems to move so quickly, yet days can seem to drag on for an eternity.

Time has moved fairly quickly for me this year.  I opened a fitness studio in February (with an awesome partner), and I will say a LOT of my time goes to the studio.  Whether it’s teaching classes, planning events, going over the books, scheduling, talking with staff, networking, or simply cleaning, the majority of my energy goes to Alt Fit Jax.

At first it felt overwhelming, but as demands change, we adapt.  It’s just what we do. I was reminded this year that in adapting we have to be willing to learn.  I had to decide what was most important and make sure that remained a priority.

My pup is super important to me…beach time is super important to me… So every morning my pup and I take a beach walk. Some mornings I huff and puff a bit, but the moment we’re on the beach everything just seems better.  My mind is clearer, my body has more energy, and my soul is a bit lighter. These walks are not a luxury to me – they are a necessity.

My family has always come first. This year my husband has been pretty patient as he’s had to come second (or last) – a lot. So we’re making the most of our evenings together and taking advantage of little bits of time we have together. We both love to travel, so we found time to go over seas for 2 weeks to unwind and explore. Those 2 weeks felt like 2 days of vacation and 2 months away from work. Like I said, time is a funny thing!

Simply Healthy remains very important to me! So while I have been pretty quiet online, I certainly continue to make herbal preparations for my clients and always have time to talk about an ailment or offer a hand when someone isn’t feeling well. I make time because it matters.

Just like I make time for friends…because they matter.  I wouldn’t have nearly as much joy in my life without my friends, so we find time to be together.

My niece turned 15 this week.  I remember cutting her umbilical cord like it was last week, and it reminds me how valuable time is.  How it’s gone in the blink of an eye. So what do you do with this precious resource of yours? Are you taking time to enjoy little moments each day? Making time for the things and people that matter most? Because I’ll tell ya, I don’t remember anything about what I did or didn’t get done for work that day 15 years ago. What I didn’t get done that next week because I was helping my sister. What I do remember is feeling grateful for the time I got to spend with my family and our new little human.

So go…make some time for the things that matter…take some time for you.  Make the most of your time on this beautiful planet.