Getting Your Fitness Routine Back on Track

With the new year fast approaching many of us are surely making resolutions and setting goals.  This is a great article about setting yourself up for success rather than failure by setting realistic expectations, ensuring you have proper support, and being consistent.  Check out the full article from Experience Life here.

Calories are Out… Qualitative Eating is in.

fresh fruit and veggies

I was so happy to read this article (The Calorie is Out, and Qualitative Eating is in. Finally.) today!  I couldn’t agree more… it’s time to focus less on how many calories (and carbs) a food has, and more on its nutritional value.

From the article: “Understanding the general range of calories in certain foods can help you to put together appropriate portion sizes for a meal, say Cording and Zeitlin. This knowledge then becomes a reference point as you learn to make more informed decisions around food, keeping your focus on other eating habits that are more sustainable and healthier: eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean protein.”

Cheers to tasty, nutritious, fresh food 🙂

7 Superfoods for the Power-Food Generation


There’s a lot of hype out there about what certain foods, oils, or herbs can do for you.  Don’t let that overshadow the real health benefits that a number of foods provide.   This article provides a snapshot of some of my favorites:

  • Matcha
  • Maca Root
  • Reishi
  • MCT Oil
  • Hemp
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia

Read the full article here on ExperienceLife.Com

5 Truths About Self Care


This article really spoke to me. As a Social Worker, Herbalist, and Caregiver I often feel guilty for putting myself first. It’s important, however, to remember that we are best able to serve others when we are at our best.  That means taking care of ourselves!

1) Self-care isn’t selfish.

2) Self-care isn’t necessarily relaxing. Or easy.

3) Self-care is for everyone.

4) Self-care is unique for everyone — and different at different times.

5) Self-care is best practiced in real life.

Read the full article here.

A Whole Person Approach to Treating Depression


This article gets away from seeing depression as something that’s ‘all in your head’ and instead discusses how gut health, vitamin deficiencies, environmental toxins, thyroid functioning, genes, and lifestyle impact our mental health. Just like no one thing makes us healthy or unhealthy, there’s no one right way to address depression. You can read more here.

Anti-Anxiety Eating

Anti-Anxiety Eating

What we eat has a direct impact on our mood and state of mind.  Since 1 in 5 Americans suffer from anxiety, now more than ever we need to be paying attention! The Vagus nerve, one of the longest in our body, carries information to and from the brain and the gut; it’s a two way street, which is why gut health is so important to brain health.  Read more about how to nourish and calm your mind through your gut at Experience Life.

Allergy Epidemic


Back from a lovely two weeks in the UK, where my allergies kicked up a bit, and I came across this fantastic article about allergies and allergens. It’s long, but worth a read. I agree whole heartedly that foods full of vitamins & minerals, and supportive herbs are key to maintaining balance in the body….and helping it get back on track when it goes a bit out of whack. Pay special attention to how allergies can manifest themselves in the body (some may surprise you), and how to defend yourself. Article Here

Back Pain

The American College of Physicians recently issued new guidelines for treating low back pain.  They recommend staying away from opioids, and instead, embracing natural treatments such as acupuncture, exercise, and yoga. I couldn’t agree more. And while they recommend NSAIDs for pain, I prefer to use White Willow Bark and Turmeric for pain and inflammation. See full article here.

Oral Health


Our body is amazingly interconnected. An imbalance in one part of the body will affect the rest…this includes our mouths. Remember, digestion begins in the mouth, and all that bacteria easily flows into the rest of the body. This article offers a brief look at the importance of good oral hygiene: Mouth and Body Connection

Everyday Stretching


Stretching has so many health benefits!  Increased flexibility enhances your athletic performance, improves your posture, protects your joints, reduces your risk of injury, and makes everyday activities like bending over to pick something up so much easier. This article includes 8 videos to help you incorporate stretching into your everyday life:  Everyday Stretching – Harvard Health.

Rethinking Heart Health


This article provides some interesting insights into cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. I agree that we still have so much to learn. While the article does not talk about heart healthy herbs such as hawthorn or gingko biloba, it does give some great recommendations for prevention.  And I couldn’t agree more with the recommendation to “get off the low-fat bandwagon”.  Our bodies need fat, we just need to be mindful about giving them beneficial fats. Read the full article: Rethinking Heart Health

Sea Vegetables


Seaweed is one of the most nutritious foods available to us…and it’s not just for making sushi rolls.  Find out more about the nutritional and healing power of seaweed in this article from Experience Life: Eat Your Sea Vegetables.

Antibiotics – Hope for the Future


“Superbugs” have become quite the topic of conversation: overuse and misuse of antibiotics have given rise to drug-resistant bacteria. For more information on antibiotics, please visit my blog. The following articles talk about scientific breakthroughs that could lead to a more hopeful future for these ubiquitous pills.

First New Antibiotic in 30 Years Discovered in Major Breakthrough

Could Ants be the Solution to Antibiotic Crisis?

Can happiness affect your health?


There have been several studies about how optimism and happiness can have a positive affect on your wellbeing. Check out “Six Ways Happiness is Good for Your Health” at

Super Greens!


Super Greens – grasses and algae: why they are considered “superfoods” and how to incorporate more of them into your diet. Super Greens Article from Experience Life Magazine.

Fishing for Sunscreen

fish for sunscreen

Fish may hold the promise of strong, natural sunscreen and UV protection – Read Article.

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